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Pay It Forward Program

I am a small business owner in a industry  in which gratuity is usually given.  Many  sole practitioners like me always say Gratuity is not expected but appreciated. 

Here's why.

Sole practitioners like me set our prices, we spend hours going over numbers so that our pricing is fair but covers all the little things that we as small business owners have to cover, as well as  keeping a roof over our personal head.

While running those endless numbers I kept thinking of the single mother who is barely making ends meet working two jobs ( I was that mother), or those who live on a fixed budget, or a woman living in a domestic abuse shelter.  Don't they deserve a massage or skin care treatment. Thinking about this population actually made my numbers go all over the place, I lived with a great amount of guilt making those numbers work and finally settling on my pricing.

Then I had to tackle the gratuity issue, that is when Pay it Forward Program was born.

If you wish to leave me gratuity you can . Your gratuity will enroll you in the Pay it Forward program automatically. Every penny of gratuity plus 5% of my pricing will will go towards those populations who can not afford a massage or skin care.

When a pay it forward client receives a service you will receive a email thanking you for your participation in the Pay it Forward program, as well as a small thank you gift.